Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tax increases

Ok, here is for all of you that have the "it doesn't affect me" attitude. Taxes, we all pay them! No matter where you live, you pay taxes. A portion of your taxes go towards road maintenance. How is your Township, Municipality or City going to come up with the extra cost for road repairs when the traffic of trucks are increased on your highways. Your answer = tax increases! I should mention that in a few short years to come the by-pass in Bobcaygeon along with the bridge over Little Bob are going to need significant repairs if not a complete replacement. Who is going to pay that bill? Not the Quarry! The City of Kawartha Lakes don't even at this moment have a haul agreement with the proposed Quarry! That means its coming out of your pockets! The aggregate companies from what was stated at the last council meeting, pay 12 cents per tonne. The gov takes half and the township gets the other half... But not if you don't have a haul agreement! Start saving up!

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