Saturday, May 12, 2012

Short term benefits vs. long term impact

    Far to often the planning of land use is done using the short term impact approach. We need to take care when making decisions today, we need to consider how these decisions are going to affect future generations. We are more than ever more cautious of the way we do things, faced with a decision to make... Do we approve yet another quarry or do we say NO, enough quarries... for now. Lets maybe hold off on some new quarries until some of the thousands of quarries in operation in Ontario have reached their end. We understand the need for aggregates, but at what cost? First the trees are removed, this displaces animals from their natural habitats, then we start blasting away, making holes, consuming the surrounding water and what do we have left? A big hole in the ground, a concrete plant and silos sitting in the woods all boarded up because they have taken everything they can and have moved onto the next.

    We do more now than ever to protect what we have for future generations. We turn off lights to conserve energy, we compost and now more than ever before we recycle. We do ALL this for future generations.

    It is stated that "Government land use planning policies, as reflected in the Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 (PPS), give a high priority to aggregate operations". This is a social issue, not once did we hear about a study on the social impact that this is going to have. Many of us grew up here, others moved here to get away from the noise, pollution and fast pace that the cities suffer from. It is time that the government starts giving some priority to the people that live and/or vacation around these operations.

    We need to make decisions based on long term sustainability of the proposed land and all that surrounds it vs the short term benefits. 

    Join us at the Public Meeting on June 23rd to have your voice heard! We look forward to seeing you all there!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the work being done. I have sent in my letter to council but should we not be sending letters to the governing body for quarries who issue the paper work once our council has amended the zoning by-law. Why would the owner be raping the forest already if it has not been approved? I have driven down Ledge road and it is a disaster what this man has already done. Seems to me council has already made up their minds and why can they not convene a meeting before June 23rd, which just happens to be the Big Bike Fest in Bobcaygeon and surrounding towns. I see another notice in the Lakefield with an application for yet another Quarry but they fail to give the exact location.

Stop the quarry on ledge rd! said...

We are unfortunately at the mercy of the council. They decide. We tried having the time of opposition pushed back as well as to let those who don't live here but hold property have a say but May 18th it is... Council hasn't said yes yet! It is up to us to let let them know that we oppose this project. The more presence we show on June the 23rd the better! Gather everyone you know to attend this meeting. We are stronger in numbers!