Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Important Meeting Jan 15th 2013

Happy New Year!

Please attend this Galway Cavendish Harvey Council Meeting to show your support and concerns with the Quarries issues. The applications from the public meetings held on April 10th 2012 and June 23rd 2012 will be brought forward at this Planning Meeting for Council's consideration:

RE: Dewdney Mountain Farms Ltd., Lot 28 and Part if Lots 29 and 30 concession 15, Harvey Ward
Applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments.

The Galway Cavendish Harvey Council (GCH) Meeting on January 15th 2013 will be held in the Township's Council Chambers at 701 County rd. 36, Bobcaygeon at 1pm.

This meeting is open to the public, however it is not a public meeting under the Planning Act and the Council will not be accepting public comments.

Your attendance to observe is vital, please respect the purpose of this meeting and observe only. Any unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

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