Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prehearing Conference

 Thank you to all you attended the Prehearing Conference.  And for those of you who couldn't attend was standing room only!! 
The dates were set for the Hearing starting May 20th and ending on June 10th
During the Prehearing we were given dates to hand in Issue, Witness, Experts and Visual Statements and presentations.  For those of us who have never gone through this process it was very enlightning to say the least.
When we got involved  it was for personal reasons. The potential quarry, will greatly affect our peace and quiet and way of life.  HOWEVER, as we continue on this journey  attending meetings in Guelph to learn from Carol Cosack and Danny Beaton, how they helped defeat the Mega Quarry in  Melancthon  and meeting others who are fighting quarries in their area's,  we realize the bigger picture.
Ontario has an open door policy on our resources.  In May 2013 there were presentations at Queens Park to address the current Aggregate Resouces Act.  A great report has been created...with nothing being implemented.
We feel stopping this quarry will be precedent setting in our area.  Rumors are there are other applications in the wings.
So opposing this quarry is just the beginning in our area.  We currently have 40 quarries and not all are working to capacity. 
Why do we need more?
Recently a local quarry went below the water table.  A quick application to ask for permission to now go below the water table was presented and passed. 
We need to come together as a community.  To stand up for the beautiful place we call home.  Danny Beaton walked from Queens Park to Orangeville, creating awareness and getting people on board. They stopped their quarry by getting great press, and big people involved. 
The 9 of us working hard to do this.  
Please help us, save our community in any way you can.
We have 5 months to raise money and awareness.  
As we look out our windows we are grateful and thankful for where we live.
Please help us keep it this way.  Keep looking for further updates.


Anonymous said...

We need jobs to in Ontario how will I feed my kids ?

Stop the quarry on ledge rd! said...

We totally understand the need for jobs in Ontario. Our concern is with the process in which Quarries are licensed and monitored to ensure public awareness and safety. We are concerned with the safety of your children on the roads with the huge increase in truck traffic.