Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another Delay... but a victorious one!

Sooo another delay has occured.   However, we look at it as a victory as we continue with our opposition to this application with the help and support of the community. 
In Mr. Gillespies closing arguments Friday as on Tuesday, he pointed out that some reports were not done. However the outcome Friday was that the proponent is going to provide a Dust report and redo the Blasting report, Species at Risk report, Noise reports for Haul Route and on Site and Hydro G (water) report involving sediment and spills. 
They will come back on Friday July 25th  at 10 a.m. to present these reports.
Our experts will be involved to peer review their reports and give us their expert advise again on these reports. The peer review expense falls on our shoulders.
So the journey continues, and we trust that this is happening for a reason so that in the end when the decision is made there will be no recourse and we will have set precedence for any other quarry application that may come along in the Kawarthas.
As always, contributions towards this process is greatly appreciated!

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