Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear CFRAD Supporters

Dear CFRAD (Citizens for Responsible Aggregate Development ) Supporters,
The battle to stop the Mega Quarry at Nogies Creek continues. It's been a long struggle but thanks to the bravery and persistence of a few of the remaining appellants the cause is not lost.
Eric Gillespie, lawyer for the appellants has written a submission asking the higher court to hear the arguments requesting a 'Leave to Appeal'. That hearing will likely happen in Markham sometime in January 2017.
If the judge accepts Eric's arguments then a future date will be set to review the errors in law that many of us witnessed during the OMB hearings at Trent Lakes municipal office.
The appellants are facing another hefty legal bill of around $18,000. Currently the CFRAD bank account balance is $2000.
If you are able to help the appellants fight this battle with a monetary donation it would be greatly appreciated and show them they are not alone.
The account is called Stop The Quarry (cheques can be written to that name) at the Bank of Montreal in Bobcaygeon. The account number is 0305-8994-689.
Remember why we are in this fight ... To protect water and land, stop more invasive truck traffic,
and send a message to resource developers and governments that we will not be steamrolled by bullying.
In solidarity...thank you for all that you do! 

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