Sunday, September 24, 2017

Info Session with Eric about Upcoming Divisional

The information session at the Bobcaygeon Service Centre,featuring Eric Gillespie was very well attended. Eric explained the case, prospects for success & future issues. He was very confident that the 4 errors of law incurred during the OMB hearings were a strong defence for the appellants. 
He also commented the Chair for the original hearing is no longer employed by the OMB.

This “precedent “ case will be heard Tuesday September 26 @ 10:00 am at the court house in Oshawa located at 150 Bond St E.

Eric said the more people in the court supporting the appellants the better & the judges will notice.
It is noted you don’t have to stay all day.
Etiquette is however important and it is asked that there is no food, drink or cell phones on.
Procedures will be explained.

The 3 judges could make a decision Tuesday or months later.
Those who would like to carpool should meet at Tim Hortons in Bobcaygeon @ 7:00 am on Tuesday.
In Oshawa the best place to park is the parking garage further down the street from the courthouse.
Street parking is limited.

Much needed donations can be made at Bank of Montreal in Bobcaygeon.
Stop the Quarry 0305-8994-689