Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why is June 23rd so important?

Many people are asking why the June 23rd meeting is so important to attend? It is important for a few reasons. It will give you a chance to be more informed about what is going on, a better idea of the whole picture. This is the last chance to oppose at the municipal level. This proposal is destined to go to the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) It is our job to convince council to force Mr. Ritchie to take it to the OMB (on his dime) and not the community. The more bodies that show up to this meeting, the clearer the message. If one does not show opposition at this level then they cannot oppose it once it gets to the OMB level. Please set aside 2 hours of your day next Saturday June 23rd at 10am and stand by your neighbor together we can Stop This Quarry!


Anonymous said...

Has anybody contacted Dale Goldhawk on radio station am740 which comes in loud and clear in this area. He was of great assistance to stop a quarry recently in Simcoe County. His show is 11 am Mon - Fri. Great way to spread the word!

Stop the quarry on ledge rd! said...

We have attempted contact with Goldhawk with no response as of yet, perhaps if more people tried to contact him as well he would take note! Thanks again for all of everybody's support!