Saturday, June 23, 2012

With deepest gratitude

We want to thank everyone who turned out to the Public Meeting today. We packed Caygeon Lanes and made it pretty clear, people and quarries don't mix!


Ross Morton said...

It is all of us who live in the effected area from Buckhorn to Lindsay who need to thank those of you who powered up this meeting and stood solidly in favour of truth, integrity and need for our elected representatives to listen and represent our concerns. The speakers were articulate when expressing the abundance of checks and balances a Council must step through before voting on this significant change in our environment. The speakers were emotional tied to their pleas for Council to listen, act openly and show they have the true will to represent the constituents. The speakers made very point at least once and overlap although inevitable was never interfered with the flow of input.
Deepest thanks to you all and let us hope that the 500 plus in attendance were noticed by Council and that the Council has the moral wherewithall to act as true peoples' representatives and guardians of our natural assets.

Anonymous said...

The venue was filled to capacity and we and others who wished to make our concerns known were unable to attend. I urge the organizers of opposition to the quarry to find ways to also inform cottagers and their associations in the area to fight the quarry. We are already inundated with quarries in the area. Enough!