Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OMB hearing - Day 1

First, we would like to thank everyone who turned out today for the first day of the hearing! It was well noted by the appointed board member that you were ALL noticed walking, signs in hand up Hwy 36 to the Trent Lakes township office! Cheers and a big thank you to all who participated!

Today evidence was presented by the proponent about the site plans as well as Hydro G (water) evidence... and if you were there you know there was not a dull moment!

But wait! It doesn't end there! Day two of the hearing is scheduled tomorrow (Wed May 21st) start time 10:00am! Come and fill a seat! Show them that just because day one is over... you still care!
Wednesdays hearing is scheduled to hear evidence by Chris Ellingwood of Niblett Environmental Associates (Natural Environment Level 1 and 2 Technical reports) and William Copeland of Tranplan Associates (Traffic)!!!

Check back for day to day status on what is going on!

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