Monday, June 2, 2014

OMB hearing - Day 6

Today was the final day hearing the proponents (Dewdney Mountain Farms) evidence. Today we heard from the planner for Dewdney Farms outlining the conformity to the Planning Act. 

The new 2014 Provincial Policy statement was length. Seems as though the Province of Ontario would prefer we set up residences in clusters, they don't really like the whole rural living thing. Creates to any obstacles... We rural dwellers have a different opinion on that matter! Not everyone wants to be able to see and hear what their neighbour is up to.

We left off during cross examination that will pick up tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 10:00am. CFRAD Tshirts are still available by donation. We are committed to seeing this hearing thru to the end, as always there is a cost associated to the hearing as we have hired an environmental lawyer and experts to prove our case. If there is any thing you can contribute to the cause it is greatly appreciated! The Bank of Montreal acct number can be found on the right hand side bar of this site.

Thanks again for all your continued support and interest! 

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