Thursday, December 10, 2015

Response to "Blueprint for Change"

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

I've been reviewing the the BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE on amendments to the Aggregate Resources Act. From my reading, it is not a" blueprint for change". Rather, the proposals could possibly make matters worse.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is inviting comment up until December 15, so I have been hastily putting my thoughts together based on the experience of the past number of years.

I have not gone into the housekeeping details of the "Blueprint", but rather concentrated on what I think is the overall thrust of the document.

Thanks to some neighbour's input, I have tried to incorporate ideas other than my own as well. Thank you.

This was written, not just as a response to the "Blueprint", but in anticipation that in order to preserve and protect our area, we will need to carry our concerns to the Ministers and M.P.P.s at Queens Park who will ultimately decide the fate of our environment and communities.

If you wish to add your voice to mine, please read the attached RESPONSE and let me know by return email; and I will add your name and address to it. I believe it concerns all of us.

In an effort to reach you, please forward this as widely as you can, mindful that while others outside the province may feel just as strongly about this area as we do, it is the electorate of Ontario that will determine the fate of the province. Please accept, in advance, my apologies for any cross-posting.

Time for comment is short and the stakes are high, so your voices are needed.

Respectfully and neighbourly,

George Hewison

Please read and share this!

You may contact George by email and have him add your name as we all did.

A very good read. It goes far beyond Nogies Creek. Enjoy!

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